This is the aesthetic heart of our business at Spark. Glen is a big deal on Instagram, as the art he has developed is resonant across demographics. Initially showing with groups and in short term shows in Canada and Thailand, he opened his own full studio in Edmonton once he’d reached 20000 followers. Now at about 270000 followers, he’s stretched out a little with 4000 square feet of gorgeous gallery space, and many other lineal feet of beautiful white walls!




Art shows

Got your own little art club or a few friends that are closet painters? This gorgeous venue is the perfect place to take the next step. We have gleaming polished concrete floors and 20 foot pale grey walls, plus an awesome sound system, lighting system, and hanging system. We can plan this event for you and even help you develop your artist’s statement and aesthetic for your shop. Bonus: we have great catering partners.



Art Classes

We’re eager to provide classes for any interested groups. Choose from the syllabi available, or we’ll work with you to develop what you’re looking for. We have educators and artists on staff and on call and we’re pretty game to try anything.